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Grab the most superior quality mature toys for men that would lend a new dimension to their sex life. These sex toys for men comprise male masturbation toys, penis enlargement creams, silicone love dolls and more. So wait no more and buy male sex toys online in India at affordable prices.


All About Sex Toys for Men in India


How Essential is Sex Toys for Men?

Happiness for men depends a lot on how they want. It’s not always a smoke session or two pegs of whiskey that work for men. Sex life does matter a lot in keeping men happy and satisfied. Imagine what pressure they handle at work and those rebukes from their superiors. So, after every little day to day challenge, they deserve a blissful night with their female partners. This accounts for the necessity of taking up sex toys for men in India.

India has undergone a sharp rise in the last few years in the adult toys industry. A high percentage of single and married men have shown deep curiosity against buying products like cock rings and silicone dolls. When asked about the reason behind buying such men sex toys, the majority have spoken about trying new experiences. It’s not that they haven’t done well with their women partners but it’s just that they wanted a bit more enjoyable.


Male Sex Toys are Discoveries of the Past

Although a lot of men stay worried about penis enhancements, it was over 1500 years back when the solutions for such problems were introduced. Despite this, it is a sad scenario that some are still found to be taking artificial pills for making their penis size bigger and thicker. Today, these sex toys for male come in silicone bodies and are quite beneficial for men.

Another great discovery of the past is the cock ring. It’s been more than 800 years that this sex toy for men has made ways to lives of thousands. In the past, these penis rings were made of goat eyelashes and lids. Now, the adult toy manufacturers have replaced those with silicone that makes the male private part safe and comfortable.


What Reports Say about Male Sex Toys in India?

A lot of research and studies have been conducted regarding the use of male sex toys. However, the most significant findings reveal that around 68% of the men in India have shown willingness towards investing in male sex toys and accessories. Although a good number of singles have shown interest towards buying masturbators, the rest have gone for silicone dolls, cock rings, penis extenders, and enlargement creams.

The facts and figures above, therefore, give this inference that sex toys in India are no more considered to be secretive. Apart from men, women too have started depending on adult toys and accessories for exploring their inner organs. Singles and couples have both shown pure interest in accepting adult products instead of worrying about society.


Benefits of Sex Toys for Male in India

It is a universal truth that women have more sex toys than men can own. But one also cannot disagree that men today are taking smarter initiatives to keep themselves active despite tough work life. Moreover, many are along in this world or who have been separated from their partners. So, don’t they deserve to take sexual pleasures until their last breath? Of course, men can because they are after-all humans.

So, here are the possible benefits of sex toys for men in India. Have a look:

Prostate Massage

The term ‘prostate’ is usually related to a woman as in prostate stimulation. But very few people are aware of the gland for semen storage in males. This gland comes in the size of a walnut and rests at the penis base below the bladder. So, men can massage and stimulate it both internally and externally with a Boys sex toy.

Now, there are plenty of benefits of prostate massage with a sex toy. One is that it releases tension and anxiety in men and keeps them relaxed. Secondly, it lets them enjoy long-lasting and multiple orgasms. The best sex toy for Boys in terms of prostate massaging would be a masturbator. These male masturbators are quite modern and help men have a rocking sex life.


This is one of the most common and essential things men should do regularly. According to research studies, it has been found that men masturbating five times a week have rare chances to fall in prey to cancerous diseases. So, masturbation is the best thing men can do with the help of a men sex toy.

Of course, a lot of men have become bored with using hands for masturbation. So, masturbators like Spider Sower and Fleshlight are proving to be brilliant for men. These special masturbators bring an artificial vagina with it that gives men the feeling that they are stroking a woman in reality.

Long-lasting Erection

A man’s confidence is shaken on the bed when he fails to hold on to his erection while doing sex. After-all every man wants to stay strong and erect. Well, who wants to ejaculate so early? So, men can now forget investing money on artificial measures and get delay sprays among boy sex toys that would fix these challenges.

India’s first online sex toy store, Adultvibes brings a sensational range of delay sprays for men that would let them get going without a pause. These sprays are quite skin-friendly and never cause any malfunction for the male organs. There are also cock rings among men’s toys that act magically on the penile organs to make them erect.

Lifetime Bed Partner

A man’s lifetime bed partner is, of course, his wife. But what if he is left alone or he is not satisfied? So, will that mean the end of his sex life? No… never!! The online sex toy store in India, Adultvibes brings stunning sex dolls among the sex toys for boys that are going to play the role of their female partners. These dolls are real hot, sexy, and super seductive.

Some great sex dolls that make worth shopping for men are those of silicone and comprise the most lifelike private parts. Some dolls have been even added human sounds to sound them human.

Of course, these are a handful of benefits of sex toys for males in India. There is plenty to list apart from these. But the most important thing is the utilization of male adult toys should be made in the right manner. If men can maintain sexual wellness, they would be the happiest souls on earth.


All Sex Toys for Men Under One Roof

Online shopping is getting better day by day. In the context of adult male toys shopping, men are benefitting hugely from the online sex toy shops. The variety of products, the discreet deliveries, the timely orders, and the swift outcomes are all making men shop for sex toys online.

Adultvibes reported that it receives orders from a good percentage of male customers every week. With time, the number has been predicted to rise. So, it’s great news for men who are making plans for healthier sex life in the long-run.

Now, coming to our male sex toys category, we are here for all those men who are sad and want to get rid of their depressing moments. Also, we would cater to those men who are happy but wish to be happier.

Therefore, we have brought all sorts of sex toys for men to deal with all possible sexual problems. Our category of sex toys for Boys has been divided into two sections so that one can find convenient to shop: 


Sex Toys for Boys

This subcategory for male sex toys includes the most functional adult gadgets and accessories for men. For instance, take a look at the male strokers, the mature silicone dolls, and the male masturbation toys. These male sex toys are so good at keeping a man’s sex life active.

Furthermore, there are exciting products like the big artificial vagina and Super Girl that would give men the positivity and confidence to satisfy their life partners on bed. 


Needs for Boys

Apart from the above male toys, we have also got some essential products for all our men. For example, we have different types of cock rings that would bring back men their happy erection days.

Moreover, the penis sleeve and penis enlarger device are quite useful in giving men the confidence to achieve their desired penis length and girth. The boy's sex kit has also been among our top selling needy sex toys for Boy. We are sure these would contribute greatly to a man’s sex life.


Final Words 

So, here is the vast world of online male sex toys in India where men can have a blast shopping for bettering their sex life. One has to choose the right product that would strengthen one’s sexual powers and make him able to satisfy his female partner. It would take a few clicks to get the shopping done.

For any issue or query, you are advised to get in touch with our Sales Executives. They would always help you with any information you require for any product. Even if you want to order sex toys for men in India online, they would assist you in the process.