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For years, a lot of people have stayed dependent on products made out of natural ingredients. The reasons are quite obvious, and the biggest one is safety. But the herbal products we have brought are not only safe but also quite impactful for one’s sex life. No, we are not talking about those typical pills or sex tablets but something more health-friendly and harmless as well.

Yes, Adultvibes brings some great products under its lube and herbal category. To be precise, this oldest and first online adult sex toys store in India has a prime intention to bring improvements in one’s sex life. Men and women face various sorts of sexual challenges. This results in complains, separations, tussles, depressions, and so on.

Adultvibes, has, therefore, made smart segregation of products under the Lube and Herbal category. Right from men and women to singles and couples, everyone will find it a valuable section to choose the most suitable products for his/her sexual problems.


What Lube and Herbal Products Adultvibes Preserves?

As mentioned above, Adultvibes has brought a variety of safe and natural products for men and women. Although the category is named ‘Lube and Herbal’, we have other types of products here that would sexually boost up the erotic spirits of men and women.

Moreover, all these products are completely safe to apply while some are meant to consume. Therefore, it is very important for one to keep the dosage correct. Otherwise, the results would not be quick and fare.

So, those who have been dealing with sexual health problems are welcomed to shop from the following lube and herbal products at Adultvibes.


Here is a quick look:



When men make love, one thing that keeps bothering them is whether he ends up ejaculating too early. As a matter of fact, this is never a big sexual issue. Here comes our range of desensitizers. Also known as delay sprays, these are the smartest solutions to let a man keep going strong on the bed. Just a little application and he will race like a stallion.

Check our latest collection of desensitizers like the Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray, Strong Horse Power 55000 Long Time Delay Spray, and the Prolong Plus Male Desensitizing Cream.


Personal Lubricant & Arousal Gel

Who said stress and anxiety will be your lifelong friends? As long as Adultvibes is here with its range of personal lube and arousal gels, you will never have to worry about your inabilities on the bed. All that it needs is to pick the right product for the right purpose to meet. The accurate quantity must be taken and used on the male or female genitals.

While browsing our ‘Personal Lubricant & Arousal Gel’ category, you will come across products like the Jaguar Power Lube Gel, Awake Aromatherapy Massage Oil, Long Stay Silicone Glide Man by Eros, XFeel Lubricating Gel, and more.


Thai Herbal Products

If a pure herbal massage is all that you want, try our herbal massage yellow oil and enjoy long hours of relaxation. Having composed of the purest and natural ingredients, this oil is so soothing on the skin and relaxes the muscles as well.

Those with back pain are sure to get relieved with this product. It is ideal for everyone starting from housewives, students, or men.


Herbal Sexy Products

Forget depending on medicines of strong dozes because we will now bring you some special herbal sex products to enhance your libido. As the name says, these products are all pure and natural and do not comprise any artificial ingredient.

For instance, you can try our Excited Women Gel, Darling XXX Drop, Excite Woman Natural Topical Cream, and more.


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Try our lube and herbal products with a smile and confidence, and you are sure to have a fulfilled sex life. Moreover, these would play a key role in sustaining your sexual health and hygiene.

Hop in our online store and start shopping from the Lube and Herbal category. If you are in search of any of our lube and herbal products and want to order one, do it through either our website or call up our Sales Executives. They would assist you in the most convenient yet professional manner.