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Imagine being engrossed in the lustiest activities with your man as we bring you a noteworthy range of sex toys for women. Simply explore our online sex toy shop and you will find the latest vibrators and non-vibrators along with sex kit, sex machine, and more. These women sex toys are of high quality and would be delivered discreetly on time at your doorstep


Adultvibes & Its Spellbinding Sex Toys for Women


Why Women Need Sex Toys – the Real Truth

There is a myth about sex toys for women, and it is an interesting one. The majority of people, including men and women, think that a woman needs sex toys for just having fun on the bed. Some even think that these sex objects will bring the clitoris to life. But sex toys for women do have a stronger purpose.

According to Adultvibes, India’s first online sex toy store, many women are completely aloof of how each part of their body can respond. It is more about bringing these women loads and loads of confidence about telling their partner how they want to be satisfied.

Keeping this in mind, Adultvibes has brought a plethora of adult products for the 21st century women. These products are for different purposes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. After all, women always prefer taking up the best, and believe it or not, we have the most cutting-edge, modish, and powerful toys for them.


What Women Sex Toys can I Buy from Adultvibes?

We here at Adultvibes are here to help you have the best online shopping experience while buying sex toys. To keep the nature of our products crystal clear, we have made segregation that would ease your job of choosing your preferred product.

For example, if you click on our category “For Her”, you will be taken to one of the subcategories ‘sex toys for women’. Under this section, you will find some fantastic toys that are worth making women enjoy every night, whether she is alone or having a partner.

So, here we bring you all the sex toys for girls we have at Adultvibes:

Realistic Vibrator

A realistic vibrator is an artificial dildo that represents the male penis with a built-in vibrating motor. In other words,
Apart from this:

  • It plays the role of a vibrating penis used by women on their clitoris for extreme pleasure
  • Women find it great to use during the solo sessions as well as during foreplays
  • These sex toys for women are safe to use on the female genitals
  • Also, it is easy to operate with no complex buttons
Realistic Non-Vibrator

Realistic non-vibrators are simple non-vibrating dildos which are quite popular among women.
Apart from this:

  • It is used for simple vaginal penetrations
  • These come in different colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Despite not being equipped with a vibration mechanism, women love using these for their realistic shape and look
Glass Dildo

Dildos come in various forms but those in glasses are just great for women. The glass dildos are made of superior quality Pyrex, which users call glass.
Apart from these:

  • Glass dildos look completely transparent and are fun to use
  • Some have crystal bodies while some have beads and some are designed with floral motifs
  • These Women sex toys are effortless to clean and maintain as well
Sex Machine

Technology and eroticism have joined hands to give rise to modernized sex machines for women. These sex machines available here at Adultvibes take the look of a gun and usually come with dildos attached.
Apart from this:

  • Some of the sex machine come equipped with wire knobs
  • Users take pleasure in adjusting the interpolation speed of sex machines
  • Our sex machines have a speed of 450 strokes per minute that result in unmatched satisfaction for girls
Vibrating Massager

Girls enjoy erotic massages with the help of vibrating massagers. These erotic devices are popular among women who take extra pleasure on bed.
Apart from this:

  • Girls can take their sexual excitement to a new level
  • The material used for these vibrating massagers is good quality
  • It is easy to clean and safe to use
Music Vibrator

Girls who are in love with music and sex will be delighted to add a music vibrator to their shopping kart. It is one of the most innovative sex vibrators for girls.
Apart from this:

  • A music vibrator comes with a built-in music player
  • With every musical beat, the vibrations will be delivered
  • There are various vibration modes for incoming calls, outgoing calls and messages as well.
  • It is no doubt a great sex gadget for women.
G-Spot Vibrator

Girls love identifying their G-spot, which is the most sensitive part of the female genitals. A G-spot vibrator would make this thing easier which otherwise looks a bit challenging for women.
Apart from this:

  • Some G-spot vibrators come in the form of granule massager rods
  • Other G-spot vibrators are also shaped in the form of massage sticks
  • Some girls consider these women sex toys as the perfect sex vibrator
Bullet Vibrator

One of the best sex toys for women for double penetration is the bullet vibrator. As the name suggests, the thrusts through this vibrating dildo are like a bullet.
Apart from this:

  • A bullet vibrator allows both clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration
  • It is made of good quality material, especially silicone for smoother sensations inside the genitals
Sex Kit

Our online store brings a superb sex kit for women. It is priced quite reasonably for every woman to afford.
Apart from this:

  • Our sex kit has everything ranging from a pink mini dildo, an inflatable dildo to a vibrator, anal beads and more
  • The good thing about a sex kit is that it includes different types of women sex toys and accessories in a single pack
Electro Sextoys

Electricity now fuses with a passion to give women orgasmic vibes with the help electro sex toys. These exclusive erotic gadgets work on the basis of electrical impulses.
Apart from this:

  • The user receives electrical impulses to let her muscles get relaxed
  • Once the state of relaxation is reached, she gets ready for some hot erotic actions
  • These high-tech adult gadgets for women come with digital displays and multi-speed vibration modes
Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator is a female adult toy that can be made to rotate to create sensations on the female genitals. It comes in the shape of a phallus.
Apart from this:

  • There is a shaft to which a clitoral stimulator comes attached
  • These sex vibrators for women are best for both internal and external stimulation.
  • Girls can enjoy both clitoral stimulation and penetration at the same time with a rabbit vibrator
Toy Cleaner

In order to clear off all sorts of contaminants from the female genitals as well as from sexual objects, we have brought high-quality toy cleaners.
Apart from this:

  • A toy cleaner plays a dual role as a toy cleaner as well as a lubricant
  • It comprises the safest ingredients
  • Our toy cleaners are completely safe for the skin
Luxury Vibrator

Another trendy addition to our list of female sex toys is a luxury vibrator. These vibrators, as their name says, are stylish in look.
Apart from these:

  • Luxury vibrators have strong motors for producing erotic sensations on the female genitals
  • Our online store has different luxury vibrators in different sizes and colors
  • These sex toys for girls are ideal for all forms of lovemaking, be it solo or foreplay
Fun Vibrator

When sex toys resemble daily objects, it includes a lot of fun. This is what a fun vibrator is all about.
Apart from these:

  • Fun vibrators come in the form of lipsticks, strawberries, bananas, and even the human tongue
  • The experience girls have on keeping the fun vibrators on their genital area is awesome


Final Words

In keeping with the sexual needs and wants of women, Adultvibes brings a wide array of female sex toys, accessories, and gadgets at pocket-friendly prices. In case you want to place an order, you can order through our store or call up our Sales Executive.
Rely on us, use our products, pay with us safely and you will be a happy customer. Visit our store today and start shopping.
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