App Controlled Toys for Long Distance Relationships in India


Long distance lovemaking in India is no more going to be impossible with the app control vibrator. These long distance sex toys are made to operate through smartphone app and Bluetooth. The LUSH wireless vibrator, for instance, is a super-advanced rechargeable vibrator that helps couples to get naughty with each other from two different places. Moreover, it is a strong and quiet stimulator that doubles the enjoyment. The sensations become more intense with the customizable vibrations. Buy app control vibrator in India online now at pocket-friendly prices.


App Control Vibrator – The Next Generation Lovemaking Gadget

Science and technology have been continuing their role of surprising the human race for years. Whether it is the world of rockets or that of erotica, technology has never taken a pause to leave us stunned.

Such a noteworthy innovation has also been spotted among the sex toy makers who have come up with smartphone app-based vibrators at India’s first online sex toy store, Adultvibes.


What is an App Control Vibrator?

An app control vibrator is simply an advanced bullet vibrator that is made to control through a smartphone application and Bluetooth support. Moreover, remote control is provided with the vibrator. One of the partners operates it to create sensations for the other partner.

The most interesting part is these two partners can stay at long distances from each other and yet they can initiate an erotic play with this app control vibrator. There are even different vibrating patterns and speeds to make the session more engaging. This is why the app control vibrator is famous for this exciting concept of long-distance lovemaking.


Adultvibes Keeps the Best Models

Those who are looking forward to buying an app control vibrator online will not be disappointed with the models sold by Adultvibes. Once you visit the website, you will find the category ‘For Long Distance’. On clicking it, you will come across the most elite app control vibrators.

Let’s know a bit about them:


Lovense Lush Wireless Bluetooth App Vibrator

Nothing can beat this hands-free, new-age sex gadget that makes lovemaking possible among two people from long distances. This remote-controlled bullet vibrator is great for discreet public play as well as for solos. The blend of Bluetooth and the Lovense app makes this vibrator worth every penny.


Irena I Smartphone Controlled Vibrator

Elegant, eco-friendly, and USB rechargeable, this smartphone-controlled vibrator is a dream gadget for couples. Both Android and iPhone users can make smart use of this vibrator and stay connected to allow erotic exchanges.


Lovense Hush App Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

This is a very unique model that includes a butt plug designed to produce incredible vibrations. The silicone bulb is quite smooth and produces the most soothing vibrations for some great private sessions. The butt plug has a flared base that makes it easier to insert while the operation button results in perfect solos control. As it is completely waterproof, one can use it during bathing.


Lush 2 Remote Control Vibrator

If you want to enjoy a wireless experience and let your partner soothe your genitals at the same time, go for this phenomenal gadget. With a very powerful motor, convenient buttons, and impressive compatibility, this remote control vibrator is a must-have in the shopping lists for couples.


Final Words

So, you can see why Adultvibes is the best destination for buying app control vibrators. Once you visit the site, you will know everything about these products along with their prices.

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